Suggest practices for managing employees returning work and slowly reopen your business during the COVID-19 outbreak:

  1. Social distancing in the office: suggest staff communication by phone or zoom meeting, limited in-person meeting;
  2. Appoint a leader to track the latest situations of COVID-19: to keep the staff informed, make suggestion/decision regarding the office operation, business travel or meeting management, office closure, etc.;
  3. Educate your employees: send email and post notice in public area;
  4. Review your workplace hygiene conditions every day: provide sufficient washing soap, hand sanitizer, tissue paper and personal protection equipment where necessary;
  5. Limited access to the general public: suggest by appointment only and screen your visitors before they come;
  6. If your employee may have any symptoms of COVID-19:
    • immediate action including but not limited to reporting to the officer, self-quarantine and medical treatment.
    • Keep employee personal information confidential and protected;
    • No discrimination against those who may or may not have symptoms of COVID-19.
  7. Consider if you would be qualified for CEW subsidy program: a 75% wage subsidy of up to $847 employee per week to eligible employers, for up to 12 weeks. Please see details:;
  8. If you have to lay off some staff as a result of covid-19, consider if you would be qualified for CERB: a benefit of $2,000/per 4-week for qualified person, for up to 12 weeks. Please see details:;
  9. Develop your continuing business management plan in the long run: work from home, job rotation if necessary;
  10. Others: see your insurance policy coverage of the sickness, disability or personal leave; maintain all these daily operation and company records.

JZW Law wish you stay safe and healthy!