General Practice

General Practice 

Our Commitment to General Practice:

  • Book Your First 30-minutes Consultation: Flexible schedule available to provide immediate high-quality legal service and we save your time!

Our Services Include:

  • Demand Letter*: usually prepared by your lawyer to negotiate any damages may be awarded to you for the losses and injuries you suffered due to any accidents or contractual disagreement or employment disputes
  • Simple/Joint Divorce*: preparation of your Separation Agreement & Joint Application Package for Uncontested Divorce
  • Independent Legal Advice*:  upon your requirements
  • Notarial Certificate 
  • Certified True Copy 
  • POA or Authorization 
  • Travel Documents 
  • Other Legal Documents: to be tailor-made upon your special requirements.

Our Service Fee Does NOT Include:

  • Any Government or Court Fees
  • Disbursements* (Any reasonable costs we charge that we pay on your behalf, for example, photocopy, postage, courier services, etc.)
  • HST (applicable tax)
  • No Hidden Fees
  • JZW Law reserves the right to adjust the legal service fee from time to time.
  • JZW Law reserves the right to the content of this website. The information provided herein does NOT constitute any legal opinion.