• Book Your Consultation:
    Flexible schedule available to provide immediate high-quality legal service and we save your time!
  • Notary Service:
    Provide Notary Certificate of documents to be used in Canada or in China* (see special instructions here)
  • Demand Letter and Negotiation on behalf of client:
    • If you are suffering damages due to personal injury or wrongful/constructive dismissal, we can help to review your situations based on provided materials and decide how we can help you.
    • Legal services include preparation of demand letter sent to the breaching party, attendance of negotiation for any damages for your losses and injuries.
    • We can move on to the litigation stage if negotiation fails. We act on behalf of plaintiff if such disputes unsolved.
  • Independent Legal Advice:
    When you want to sign an important agreement or legal document or enter into a big deal, it is always better you seek legal advice before you do so. Our lawyer can help to review and explain the contents of such documents and to make sure you fully understand each term of the agreement before you do so.
  • Preparation of POA, Affidavit, Declaration
    We can customize those documents upon your special legal requests or instruction.
  • Notarize Documents to be used in China
    If you are present in Canada, and not be able to fly to China for an important legal matter, you can notarize your instruction in paper and then use these documents in China. (see special instructions here)
  • Certify True Copy of the Documents
    The court and the government will always prefer a notarized true copy of the document produced by a Notary Public/Local Lawyer.
  • Other Legal Documents:  tailor-made upon your special legal requests