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Holding dual lawyer licenses of Ontario, Canada and China,
Janice strives for excellence in her professional legal services.

Janice Qing Zhang

Janice Zhang is the founder of JZW Law. She holds dual lawyer licenses to practice in the Province of Ontario, Canada and in China. Janice has been a corporate lawyer in China since 2009 where her legal practice was primarily focused on Corporate Law. Janice has continued her Corporate & Business law practice since she relocated in Canada. Janice is an active member of Law Society of Ontario, Ontario Bar Association and Canadian Bar Association.

Janice Zhang 律师作为JZW Law 律师事务所的创立人,持有加拿大安省律师和中国律师执业资格,拥有多伦多大学和英国艾塞克斯大学双法学硕士学历。2009年,Janice开始全职律师执业,主要从事公司法领域,包括但不限于公司设立到运营的各类法律事务和合同文本准备,劳工纠纷,尽职调查,资产/股权并购,受聘于公司法律责任人。移民加拿大后,Janice 继续致力于公司法领域的研究和深造。

Janice 目前是安省律师协会和加拿大律师协会的会员。

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