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What to do if one passed away?

Author: manoj
Date: May 18, 2021

  • Local the Last will of the deceased
  • Find/Decide who to be executor

Funeral Arrangement

  • If any organ donation?
  • Details of funeral arrangement?

Pay for funeral, debt and all expense on behalf of the deceased

Review the Will with Your Lawyer

Retain Your Lawyer for prepartion of will probation

Search and collect all assets of the deceasedhouse

  • bank
  • stock
  • cars
  • cash
  • furniture
  • jewellery
  • others

Please keep them in safe place

Notify CRA the death and Contact Your Accountant for tax filing

Contact other government authority to notify the death

Upon receipt of Certificate of Estate Trustee, then distribute the estate to beneficiaries as apporpriate in the will

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