Will & Estate

Will & Estate

Our Services Include preparation of: 

  • Your Last Will – 个人遗嘱 :   建议每隔3-5年定期审阅并更新 (尤其当个人资产和家庭成员发生重大变更时,需要重新起草或修改)
  • Your Continuing POA for Personal Care – 健康管理授权书 (当委托人无法为自己的健康治疗做决定时,由受托人代替作出对委托人有益的健康治疗决定)
  • Your Continuing POA for Property –  财产管理授权书 (分特定权限/资产和不特定资产/权限,根据个人实际情况而定)
  • Other family matters: Domestic Agreement (incl. Marriage Agreement, Co-habitation Agreement & Separation Agreement)
  • Separation Agreement  & Joint/Simple/Uncontested Divorce Application
  • 其他家庭法律服务:起草各类婚姻协议,分居协议,准备提交法庭离婚申请材料。

为什么需要遗嘱?Why Need a Will?

  • 如果没有遗嘱,你无法选择遗产执行人 (estate executor) 来按照你意愿分配你的财产 ,该执行人将由法院指定。法院指定需要额外法庭费用和更多时间。
  • 如果没有遗嘱,你无法选择受益人 (beneficiary),法院按照本省法律分配你的财产。如果你有同居配偶(common-law spouse) ,那么他/她将无权遗产继承权。
  • 如果没有遗嘱,你的未成年子女的应得份额将由法院保管至子女年满18周岁成年,法院每年会收取保管费,你的其他家庭成员也无法随时为你的未成年子女随时支付其在成长期间所需的费用。
  • 你的遗产:部分资产的所有权若是 joint ownership (right of survivorship),因此,这部分资产并不属于可分配的遗产部分。

遗嘱目的 Purpose of Your Will

  • 更好的分配你的确定财产/债务继承,合理安排资产有利于提高省税额度 (chance of increase tax saving & pay more reasonable probation fees)
  • Calculation of Probation Fees:  Estate Certificate (an application for granting probation) for which application is made after June 7, 1992 and before January 1, 2020 is:
  • (a) 5 dollars for each $1,000 or part thereof of the first $50,000 of the value of the estate; and (b)  15 dollars for each $1,000 or part thereof by which the value of the estate exceeds $50,000.  (as of the currency dated May 29, 2019, under the Estate Administration Tax Act, 1998, s.2 Tax on estate.

分配方式 Types of Distribution

  • 立即分配 (immediate distribution):扣除债务后,受益人能马上获得财产所有权;
  • 信托管理 (create a trust, to be held by your estate executor):适合未成年子女,你指定的遗产执行人能合理的照顾你的遗产,为你的未成年子女支付他们的教育和成长费用,其余资产等他们年满18周岁/或之后阶段性支付。

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Our Service Fee Does NOT Include:

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  • Disbursements* (Any reasonable costs we charge that we pay on your behalf, for example, photocopy, stationery, postage, courier services, etc.)
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