Our Services Include:
Preparation, review & submission of all your application documents.

Temporary Resident:

  • Visitor Visa      探亲签证
  • Study Permit  学习许可证
  • Work Permit   工作许可证
  • Difference between Visa & Permit:  If you hold a visitor visa only, it is for visiting & traveling purpose, usually with a limitation period time for your stay in Canada. You have to hold a study or work permit for such purpose as designated.

Permanent Resident:

  • Family Class: spouse, common-law partner, grandparent, dependents
  • Economic Class: First, enter Express Entry, then choose one of these paths:
    1. FSWP- Federal Skilled Worker Program
    2. FSTP- Federal Skilled Trades Program
    3. PNP- Provincial Nominees Program
    4. CEC- Canadian Experience Class
  • Business Immigration Program
    1. Investor Program
    2. Start-up Visa Program
    3. Self-employed Persons Program
  • Caregiver program

Canadian Citizenship Application

Our Service Fee Does NOT Include:

  • Any Government Registration Fees
  • Disbursements* (reasonable costs we charge that we pay on your behalf, for example, photocopy, postage, courier service, etc.)
  • HST (applicable tax)
  • No Hidden Fees